About Me

I am so happy and grateful to share the gifts of my healing skills and intuitive guidance with you! I’ve had an incredible journey that brought us together today, and I’m excited to continue to grow my abilities and my practice.


I am an Usui Reiki Master, as well as a Holy Fire III® and a Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki Master.  I studied with my mentor, William Lee Rand, at the International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, Michigan.  Reiki and Karuna are large components of my spiritual and healing practices.

I have also studied and practice Quantum Touch and Sound Healing to provide added depth and power to my healing sessions.

Where some people collect coins or trinkets, I develop powerful relationships with our allies in mineral kingdom.  I often use crystals and gemstones as part of my healing work to help focus, clarify and ground the work that we are doing together.

Intuitive Guidance

Everyone has intuitive ability! Some folks (like myself) have learned to access this level of deep-seated knowing to bring insight and direction.  I sometimes use various oracle decks or utilize Cartomancy to aid me in clarifying and refining my intuitive connection to your energy field. This helps me to bring you the most direct and useful information to be able to empower you to make informed choices on your life’s journey!

And just little ol’ me…

I’m the proud father of two beautiful children and a beautiful granddaughter!  I worked for over two decades in management in the retail industry.  I’ve recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business, and I am now pursuing my MBA.  I live in a quiet little town outside of Michigan’s capital with my fiancé, where I conduct healing sessions, intuitive readings and Reiki and Karuna classes out of my home office, as well as through several locations in Lansing.